Encinitas, California’s Matthew Gordon

San Diego Encinitas Matthew Gordon

A real estate developer with Janco Developer, LLC, in San Diego, California, Matthew Gordon draws on more than 35 years’ experience building and renovating residential and commercial properties. Over the course of his four years with Janco, he has completed a number of significant projects throughout the area, including the construction of multiple net-zero-energy and carbon-neutral homes. Matthew Gordon’s commercial restoration accomplishments include the Louis Bank of Commerce Building. Commonly known as the Wyatt Earp Building, this structure is the most photographed building in the city of San Diego.

Outside of the professional environment, Matthew Gordon enjoys traveling and performing charitable educational work in foreign countries such as India and China. When he is in his hometown in California, he enjoys cooking and taking long walks. Mr. Gordon has also supported the charitable efforts of the Seacoast Preservation Association, an environmental protection organization dedicated to preserving the regional coastline.